Save Some Cash by Sewing Some Clothing Items

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be an expensive endeavor for most women. Unless you can find your size and favorite color on the sales rack, you are sure to spending some serious cash in order to keep your wardrobe updated. One way to cut back on clothing costs is to sew some of your clothing items yourself.

Nearly every sewing project will require the use of a sewing machine, so if you don’t have one already you will have to buy one. Sometimes shops that sell sewing machines will have used ones available at a reasonable cost, but you can also purchase a basic machine new for a couple hundred bucks. Don’t worry about the cost because the machine will save you much more over the coming years.

If you have never tried sewing clothing before you should sign up for at least a few lessons. Most stores that sell fabric and sewing supplies also sell sewing machines and offer sewing lessons too. You will learn how to operate your machine and sew a simple garment using only straight seams. This can improve your confidence in having the ability to sew some of your own clothing. You may also want to sew some things for your kids or spouse in the future.

Sewing patterns vary quite a lot in price, and any of them can be used multiple times. You can usually get simple patterns for less than $5.00 and designer patterns can cost at least twice that much. You will want to choose a simple garment with mostly straight seams for your first project. A wrap-style skirt is very easy to make, and you can choose whatever length you prefer. The style can be casual or dressy depending on the fabric you choose for your project. Information on the pattern will usually indicate the types of fabric appropriate for the particular garment in order to achieve the best results.

Your next sewing projects may include pants, tops and dresses. If you are satisfied that your first project is a success, you can advance to sewing clothing that is more difficult. Pants are an important clothing item in any wardrobe, and they are not difficult to sew. You should choose a relatively inexpensive fabric for your first attempt at making pants since you may need to rip out and redo some seams. You can use elastic for the waistband or sew in a zipper. Putting in a zipper is not difficult if you closely follow the directions on the pattern.

Once you have mastered the skill of sewing, you can use a higher quality of fabric. Just make sure the fabric you use is appropriate for the garment you are making because the appearance of the clothing will be affected if it is not.

Although it does take some time and effort to sew clothing, the money saved over time is worth it. Another great benefit is having the ability to create attractive and unique clothing to add to your wardrobe.

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