Sewing Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

Everyone loves finding ways to do something that makes life easier. If you enjoy sewing, here are some sewing hacks that will bring more joy and satisfaction to your sewing time. Whatever your level of expertise, there are always some ingenious ways to help make sewing tasks simpler that you will wish you had known when you started out.

1. Keep Your Scissors Sharp

There is nothing worse than trying to cut fabric with blunt scissors. Buy a good quality pair of scissors and keep them sharp by ensuring that you only use them to cut fabric and nothing else, and avoid damaging them by cutting into pins.

2. Perfect Gathers

Gathering fabric can be difficult and frustrating when gathers won’t stay in line and you struggle to get that full ruffle. Use crochet yarn to give you those perfect gathers every time and use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine to ensure a uniform gather.

3. Learn to Use Stay Stitching

Although not a hack as such, stay stitching is a must – especially when working with certain difficult fabrics. This second row of stitching helps to maintain the shape of the garment and is great for curved edges or where there is an edge that can become stretched while sewing. This technique can also be used on fabric folds like tucks to keep them in place or while attaching other pieces of a garment.

4. Keep Sewing Pins Organized

Every sewer knows how frustrating it is when pins fall all over the floor and sewing area when being removed. A great trick to keep your pins organized is to hot glue a couple of magnets to the bottom of a saucer or shallow bowl. You can drop your pins in the bowl and the magnets will keep them neatly contained inside the dish, ready for use.

5. Prevent the Thread from Tangling when Hand Sewing

It is quite amazing how quickly sewing thread can become tangled when hand sewing. A great way to prevent that from happening is to coat the thread with beeswax. This little trick will not change the thread in any way, rather it will strengthen it so that it is less likely to break while sewing. Cute little beeswax gadgets are available to make this tip easy to use.

6. DIY Seam Allowance

For patterns that don’t include a seam allowance, there is an easy way to ensure that your seams will be uniform throughout. Just tie three pencils together with a rubber band. This will allow just the right sized space between each line and allows you to draw the seam allowance and the pattern line at the same time.

7. Feed Elastic Easily

If you’ve never used a bodkin tool you are really missing out on an easy sewing technique that will make those elastic sewing projects a breeze. Once you get one of these nifty little tools you will wonder how you ever got on without one. If you don’t have one you can always resort to the old-fashioned way of using a safety pin to thread your elastic.

8. Pre-Wash Your Fabric

Pre-treating fabrics before sewing can eliminate a lot of headaches afterward. Simply washing washable fabric before cutting or sewing will prevent possible shrinkage, something that can be disastrous when your new garment is ruined by shrinkage.

The value of these sewing hacks will depend on your experience level, however, for those with limited experience these tips will help save a lot of time and keep sewers encouraged and interested in the art of sewing.

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