11 Awesome Sewing Designs For Your Kids To Try

Do you have a youngster who wants to try their worth at sewing? Sewing can be a excellent hobby for kids, as it teaches patience and discipline. Not only that, but you’ll save a fortune on pencil cases, blankets etc!

Getting any kid into crafts will do wonders for their self-confidence too, as they will attain the feeling of accomplishment when they finish a project. This means that you should let them start out with small items, so they don’t get bored half way through and then never complete it.

We have listed 11 awesome ideas that your child could use as a starter design, or even for the more advanced:

Pencil cases with initials
Wallet pouches
Apple magnets
Crayon Case
Cute handbag idea
Kitchen matt
Fun toy creatures
Cute pouch design
Fun drawstring bags
Cute bunny charms
Raindrop design


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