9 Amazing Sewing Room Ideas

Imagine having you’re own private space, all organised and color-coordinated, dedicated to your sewing craft.

It’s a dream many sewing enthusiasts have, so why not make it a reality? Even with a small space there’s a lot you can do if designed correctly. Whether you are the type to litter the walls with designs and patterns, or more reserved and meticulous with interior, a sewing room can be the unique staple of a home.

It’s time to turn your dream into a reality, we have collated 9 of our favourite sewing room ideas for your inspiration:

Pink theme, organised, with thread wall
Modern, minimalist design with central work station
Cluttered but aesthetically pleasing
Less modern design, but a large space needs a lot of tools
Neat and tidy with ‘L’ shape desk
Simple yet elegant desk with wall art
A small space is all you need
Organised and color-coordinated, with a modern finish
Another simplistic/modern idea, clean white always works

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